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Since 1954 "Berliner Verkehrsblätter" have been reporting on current events concerning the public transport in and around Berlin.
This monthly magazine is published by amateur friends of public transport for readers interested in current topics as well as the history of Berlin's public transport system including current and historic rolling stock, tariffs, technology, book and DVD reviews and news on S-Bahn, underground, railway, tramway, busses and inland navigation. Numerous photos and a title page in colour round off every 20- to 24-page issue.

Most readers subscribe to the magazine.
Subscription is by calender year. New subscribers pay only for the remaining months of the current year. Subscription is renewed
automatically for another full year if no notice is given by September 30th. All subscribers receive an invoice.

Single issue € 1,95 / abroad € 4,45; Subscription (12 issues / includes postage) € 23,40; abroad € 53,40.


Information how to to contact us for your subscription you can find in full on our "Contact" page.

To receive a sample issue, please make a payment of € 1,95 / abroad € 4,45 to our account with Postbank Berlin 266 80 104, BLZ 100 100 10, do not forget
to include postal address. If you would rather buy single issues of Berliner Verkehrsblätter you can do so in a number of select shops in and
around Berlin. Back issues still available are regulary published on our page "Shop". For a small charge we can supply photocopies of articles
from all back issues since 1954.
Berliner Verkehrsblätter are accessable through a number of public libraries and archives. Please see our page "Links" for a list.
If you change your address, please let us know before the next issue is due through <> .

Your local mail service may not forward it due to the type of shipping we choose to keep cost low.


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